Ballet at Creative Movement

Melissa Morneault, Ballet Mistress

The Ballet program at Creative Movement is the only Pre-Professional program in the area that prepares students for the rigors of Summer Intensives, college programs, and professional training. Our requirements will build the strength and stamina needed for succeeding outside of the walls of our studio.

Our Ballet program is designed specifically for the Pre-Professional Ballet dancer. All dancers possessing a passion for dance have the opportunity to participate in this program, whether or not they seek a career in Ballet.

Ballet is the foundation for all of dance. At Creative Movement, we believe exceptional Ballet training is essential for any dancer. We are committed to growing strong, dedicated, and passionate dancers. The Program begins with Beginning Ballet for 5 – 7 year olds. These young dancers will be given training in proper execution from the moment they begin classes. They are welcome to take 1, 2, or 3 classes per week. Each Beginning Ballet class is 1 hour and includes warmup, barre, and center exercises.

After completing Beginning Ballet, dancers will move into our graded system. Students will progress through the grades as they become more proficient in the dance form.  No student will be promoted to an advanced grade without the ability to execute technique properly.  All students in Ballet 2 and above will be required to attend class a minimum of 3 days per week.  Pointe students will also take a Pointe class 3 times per week.  Students preparing for Pointework will take preparation courses twice per week

During the first year in Grade 1, we begin evaluating students for Pointe work. Pointe work is by invitation only. We begin with a Prepointe preparation class which includes strengthening exercises. Pointe requires proper strength and technique to avoid injury.

Once students have shown they possess the strength needed in their feet & ankles, we ask them to purchase Prepointe shoes. These shoes will help them build strength needed for Pointe shoes and will assist with the transition into Pointe shoes. The students will learn how to sew their elastics and ribbons on their shoes themselves. This skill will be crucial as Prepointe & Pointe shoes have to be replaced regularly to avoid injury. The students will also learn proper foot & toenail care for Pointe.

Dancers and parents should understand that whether learning pointe for fun or in hopes of a career, it is very important to maintain strength.  Students wishing to begin or continue Pointe study should make every effort to continue study throughout the entire year, including the summer months.

In order to remain in the upper grades (2 – 4), students must take a minimum of 3 Ballet classes per week. If you are unable to commit to 3 Ballet classes per week, you are welcome to take Recreational Ballet or Teen Ballet.